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Max Kade Institute

Our goals:

  • Building partnerships with colleagues in many different departments
  • Fostering research on German-American relations from 1600 to the present
  • Sponsoring publications on Germans migrating to the Americas and the rest of the world
  • Organizing campus events to deepen understanding of German culture in a global context
  • Funding undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctoral research in German-American topics

Max Kade German-American Research Institute at Penn State

The Max Kade Institute promotes research into the role of German-speakers and cultures in the Americas and around the globe from the sixteenth century to the present.

We examine the history of German migrants, merchants, soldiers, artists, writers, and colonists as they moved across the Atlantic and through the world.  The history and maintenance of German-speaking communities in the United States and across the New World are a particular interest for our students and scholars. The Max Kade Institute fosters academic exchange and dialogue between Penn State and universities in Germany by sponsoring visiting professors, international conferences, and study abroad.  We are committed to fostering an understanding of German culture on the Penn State campus through our sponsorship of events. At the same time, the Institute fosters research and publication that examines how Germans fostered and participated in global networks.